This Time It’s Personal!

January 6, 2009


Happy 2009 everyone! I thought I would start the New Year on a personal note. As many of our readers know we love technology and the many social media tools such as our blog, that grant a forum for us to speak about the things that we feel are relevant, interesting and educational.
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Women and the Media

December 22, 2008

As a women run and owned company we always want to find information and resources that will propel women forward, while educating and informing businesses on how they too can better target this most important demographic. They say that this is “the age of diversity.” And thanks to the election of Barack Obama, President elect for the United States, and the media coverage that election process has garnered, that description certainly seems to ring true.
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Women’s Champions Worldwide: A New Focus For The 21st Century?

December 3, 2008


The title of this post comes from an article I read yesterday in the Huffington Post which, since we’re on the subject of women, happens to be run by Arianna Huffington, founder. (As a side note, reports indicate that the news blog is now worth more than some traditional newspaper companies. But that, my friends, is a discussion for another day!). This particular article, written by Cecile Richard’s, lauds Obama’s selection of Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State and the fact that she will champion women’s health worldwide. As I’m sure most of you are aware, this stems back from her stay in the White House (back in the early 90’s), during which time she was selected by her husband to head and champion a universal health care program for the US. The article continues:
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“Nike’s not in the business of keeping media companies alive, we’re in the business of connecting with consumers.”

November 25, 2008

I am going to post the link to the article where I found this quote. I think it’s one of the most helpful and insightful articles I have read in quite a while. The title is “Multiscreen Madman” and it’s from the New York Times (yes, one of my favorite sources of information). This article features an interview with Robert Rasmussen, executive creative director of the Nike account at R/GA, AKQA chief creative officer Lars Bastholm and Barbarian Group CEO Benjamin Palmer.
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Strategy is Key When Building a Social Media Campaign.

November 17, 2008

Social media now has the attention of many companies these days. Everyone is trying to figure out how to leverage and court the customers they want while providing them with the fuel and fire to become brand evangelists. Most companies forget that understanding the innovators, influencers, critics, spectators and those who choose not to participate at all should become a part of the concepts and format they need to develop in order to engage their target audience.
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