Branding 101 taught us all that a brand is more than a product name or a company logo and that loyalty can’t be bought with an ad. Brand loyalty is a gift from customers to companies that consistently earn their trust and demonstrate credibility over time. It can also be taken away at any time. Marketing Guru Seth Godin, says in his newly released book, Meatball Sundae “Stories Spread, Not Facts”. Every business has a story; the only question is whether it is being told. For some it’s a colorful historical story about the founder or the location. For others it’s the story behind the development of the product or service your business offers, or perhaps it’s the experience you create for your customers.

At bcad Group, we want to share with you our views about the importance of brand through innovation and creativity. Ultimately we want to create opportunities for you to assess whether you need to revisit your businesses branding. What is your story and is it being told?

bcad Group is a marketing and communications firm that specializes in unique solutions dedicated to building and creating brands. We want to work with our partners to build marketing and branding practices around ideas that drive business opportunities. Ultimately, we will help you to create the channels, the strategy and the pathways to fortify relationships with each and every potential customer in a way that is meaningful to them and how they live their lives.

And as women run company, we have a unique perspective on what speaks to women. As a result, we’re particularly passionate about creating intelligent, respectful brand strategy that honors this extremely varied and most important target market while recognizing the modern person and the modern family.




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