Desperately Seeking Beauty

There is a saying that says beauty is only skin deep. I truly believe and live each day as a woman who sees beauty in individuality. But while I do believe and live in that sense of importance for ones true self – for many women and tween/teen girls—beauty is directly related and decided by the endless barrage of media that tells us a women must be tall and thin with a long mane of gorgeously coiffed hair and dressed in fabulous designer clothes to be qualified to be beautiful.

As we focus on aiming and targeting branding and creative to women, the modern person and family we strive to always be passionate about creating intelligent, respectful brand strategy that honors this extremely varied and most important target market.

My new friend Anne Ream from Chicago wrote an article in November for the Chicago Tribune that discusses the idea of tween and teens looking older and women trying to look younger. I so enjoyed the angle that Anne took for this article that I wrote a letter to the editor to share my thoughts. My letter is below.

“I think what I liked is that we all need to realize that we are all balancing choices. I too love fashion and beauty, I work hard to stay in shape, watch what I eat etc. but I always keep in mind that at the heart of my choices.. what truly stands strong and of real value is the “who I am” beyond the fixings! I think that most women grapple with this as it is one of the things that has kept us apart as a unit. I think it will ring true for the many women that read it and remind them that the only fixings that matter are the ones that belong to the heart and soul. When we all embrace that whole heartedly we can begin to truly raise each other up! That by the way begins with our girls.”

I hope you will continue to run more articles that are in support of women but more importantly young girls.”

This article is a great reminder to us all as we begin this year, to remember that we need to be thinking about fortifying relationships with each and every potential customer in a way that is meaningful to them and how they live their lives. Beginning with the youngest members of our community we now have a chance with the advent of technology to find ways to allow all young girls in particular, the opportunity to celebrate who they are as an individual—by providing examples, experiences and opportunities that allow them to grow and flourish. NOT dictated by the hands of the media, but at the hands of a message that says they are great being just who they choose to be.

Please be sure to read “Desperately seeking the female ideal” in the The Chicago Tribune by Anne K Ream.

Best Nicole


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