This Time It’s Personal!


Happy 2009 everyone! I thought I would start the New Year on a personal note. As many of our readers know we love technology and the many social media tools such as our blog, that grant a forum for us to speak about the things that we feel are relevant, interesting and educational.

But I do love a personal note. It is so easy to send an email. The environment tells us to save trees so this year instead of writing out holiday cards I emailed one. Thought it was a great way to let people know that I was thinking of them and save a tree at the same time. This action made me feel good but I also felt that I was missing an important part of the message. A personal note from Nicole Mckinney. Hand written – with the nearly extinct ink or a felt tip pen. Enclosed in the note is a thought that reflected the person that I was sending to. I try to always send thank you notes to my friends and family when I receive a nice gift or enjoy a great meal, a party or something that I experienced that I felt was special. The idea that I took the time to think of them, share something special about the experience that I enjoyed lets them know how much it was appreciated.

In my “Get to the Point” daily 60 second new bulletin they talk about just that. Getting personal—in the whirl of technology that surrounds us at every turn. See below to read their take.

This Time, It’s Personal

Everyone likes personalized attention, and it seems that a handwritten note might be worth the time it takes to write. A post at the Neuromarketing blog cites an interesting study discussed by Robert Cialdini in the book Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive. When researchers sent a survey to busy doctors with three different cover letters, and each produced a dramatically different result:

  • A printed letter generated a response rate of 36 percent.
  • A printed letter with a handwritten message boosted this by one third to 48 percent.
  • A printed letter with a handwritten message on a Post-it note pushed the response rate to 75 percent.

“It seems that what is causing the boost is a ‘reciprocity’ effect,” notes Neuromarketing. “The recipient recognizes that the sender apparently put some personal effort into the mailing, and is more likely to reciprocate with some effort of his own.”

Interestingly, the blog notes, responses to the survey with the personalized Post-it note were also more thorough and prompt.

The Po!nt: “[T]he effects of personalization and apparent effort on the part of the sender have to be weighed against the desired action,” says Neuromarketing. “[But] making even difficult requests in a more personal manner can’t hurt.”

I hope that as you begin this New Year, you will take some time to remind yourself that sometimes it is great to go back to basics and Get Personal!

Best Nicole


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