Was it the Year of the Women in 2008?

As one year inches towards the end and evolves into the beginning of another, many look back upon the year that has passed. So many exciting things took place in 2008. Many of them ground breaking all around the world. The US election was for the world—certainly one of many ground breaking opportunities to watch change take place in the United States. 

Women were at the forefront of that election in both Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Although in many countries women have already reached the pinnacle by being elected as head of state, it is ironic that the United States election made it seem as though this important role had yet to be attained! I have listed below some of the phenomenal women who currently hold this role around the world.

As of today, the following women are serving as either presidents, prime ministers, or chancellors:

How exciting and refreshing to know that almost every continent now has a women represented as head of state and how telling is it that North America is the one place where this opportunity continues to be elusive. Media commentary on this topic speaks about the glass ceilings that were broken and the change moving forward for all women that will now help make change in all the endeavors that women decide to approach. I do love the idea that such a positive movement forward will now let those that have had a lesser opportunity, clearly see opportunities for growth. Sometimes I do believe that we forget to look around the world and choose instead to focus on our own back yard as a milestone to how such greatness has already been achieved.

I am attaching a video from ABC News that asks the question “Was it the Year of the Women in 2008”. They have selected several noted American women with a broad base of business backgrounds to weigh in their thoughts on the American political process which featured Hillary and Sarah. At the end of the day we like to say that businesses need to address the women consumer, but the modern person and family also come into play. As one of my business partners said in this very discussion from a male perspective, “each man is an individual too and the change is directing conversation person to person”. Take a look at the video and you decide. How will you approach 2009 when speaking to your “women consumer“?

Click here to watch the video.

Best Nicole


One Response to Was it the Year of the Women in 2008?

  1. 2008 was a indeed a parade of powerful women coming to the forefront. 2009 will see an even greater explosion of women in action. There is a great healing that needs to occur on this earth we all inhabit. I see women being a major catalyst for change. We hold great power for good in our hearts and now is the time to unleash it. Look out world, here we come.

    Debra Oakland

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