Social Media Wins in 09 Marketing Plans

In most of my postings I have not really shared too many articles dedicated to stats. Boy would my father be proud of this post! As an academic who focused on research and statistics, the facts do always lie in the numbers he would be sure to remind me! There is no question that brand evangelism in 09 will be driven by customer engagement. In these economic times that will affect the entire world—companies will need to utilize tools and marketing channels that will allow them to have a conversation with their customers. These conversations and the sharing of information will be a strong determinate to how you build your brand, share your story—the story that will engage and resonate with your target market.

In my daily MediaPost publication today they provide the results of a study from online marketing resource and vendor-matching tool Junta42. If you are still considering how you are going to approach the content marketing spending for 2009, these stats should give you a strong indicator of what your competition has planned. See the article below:

Marketers are directing their 2009 budgets toward content, custom media and social media initiatives, according to a new study from online marketing resource and vendor-matching tool Junta42.

More than half—56%—of marketing and publishing decision-makers plan to increase their content marketing spending next year, Junta42 found after surveying its community of corporate marketers and publishing/agency professionals.

What’s more, a full 31% expressed their intention to increase spending on content significantly, while 25% said they planned to increase it slightly.

Even in the face of dramatic cutbacks and decreased budgets, only 4% of respondents said they planned to decrease spending on content dramatically next year, while 9% said they planned to decrease it slightly.

“These findings are an acceleration of what we’ve been seeing for the past few years,” said Joe Pulizzi, founder of Junta42 and author of “Get Content. Get Customers.”

Notably, surveyed marketers were very clear that social media will be at the top of their investment list next year.

In terms of most important products/tactics, social media–other than blogs–resonated with 68% of subscribers, followed by e-newsletters/email (60%), blogs (56%), case studies (55%), online video (51% ), white papers (46%) and microsites (43%).

“If marketers will spend less in 2009, it won’t be coming from their content development budgets,” Pulizzi said. “More and more marketing professionals now realize that tomorrow’s marketing is all about developing a conversation with customers.”

The Junta42 community is made up of both corporate marketers and publishing/agency professionals. For the study, 42% were corporate marketers, 22% were traditional publishers/media, 19% were marketing/advertising agencies, 15% were custom publishers and 3% were association marketers.

In addition, 85% of the surveyed audience makes marketing purchase decisions for their organizations.

The Junta42 email study was delivered during the first week of December. A total of 1706 subscribers were invited to take the study, of which 196 completed the survey.

IF these stats are any indication using social media tools will definitely be a successful way to start the conversation with your customers. What are you waiting for? Brand evangelists for your products and services are eagerly waiting to hear from you!

Best Nicole


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