Making Space for Women Entrepreneurs.

I have been extremely interested in trends for years. I love to read a broad range of newsletters that cover all sorts of cultural topics. Springwise, in particular, is a terrific newsletter that covers business innovations for entrepreneurial minds. It’s one of the world’s leading sources of new business ideas—powered by a network of 8000 + spotters. Pretty darn cool!! 

And since I’m on the topic of Springwise, today’s post is about an exciting business concept that I discovered in their December 17, 2008 newsletter. The title of the article is “Office Tower for Women Entrepreneurs”. Now that definitely got my attention. Especially as an independent businesswoman working out of a home that’s been under renovations for the past month—with no end in sight! (Boxes to the left of me, boxes to the right me, boxes all ’round me and dust over everything!)

Interestingly enough, their fall newsletter featured a company called “In Good Company”, which provides workspace for women located in New York City. At the time, they suggested that other countries should consider this new up and coming business model. And based on their latest newsletter, it appears that someone out there was listening:

“Abu Dhabi-based Hydra Properties just recently completed excavation for Eve’s Tower, which it says will be the world’s first exclusive tower for women entrepreneurs. Located in downtown Dubai’s Business Bay, Eve’s Tower will be part of the iconic Hydra Towers Project comprising five uniquely shaped, high-rise towers. It will feature a sleek design and high-tech facilities, rising 20 floors and facing Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world. While men will be allowed to work there, only women will be able to own office space, and women will enjoy special entrances, elevators and car parks as well, according to a report in Arabian Business. Sulaiman Al Fahim, Hydra’s CEO, explains: “We have conceptualized the building as a tribute to the nurturing spirit of womanhood, world over. I’m confident that the tower will lead to a new awakening and unleash the latent entrepreneurial talent of UAE women and contribute to the overall growth of the nation and region.” Eve’s Tower is slated for completion in 2010.

Still haven’t caught female fever? Check out’s briefing on the subject for some infectious inspiration—you’ll be seeing pink in no time! 😉

To check out the post that may have started it all, here’s the Springwise article on “In Good Company”:

“Innovative being spaces and non-traditional offices are familiar concepts to regular Springwise readers, including those that are tailored to specific audiences. Recently, one of our spotters alerted us to a workspace in New York that’s geared not just to women, but to women entrepreneurs.

In Good Company offers women who are launching and growing their own businesses a place to work, meet and learn. Located in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, the company’s loft-style office provides members with everything they need to impress a client or just get work done. Featuring wood floors and exposed brick walls adorned by rotating artist installations, the space includes a large conference room that seats 25, meeting rooms that seat four, open work stations with privacy desk dividers, and a lounge with comfy sofas, reading materials and live plants. Wifi, basic printing and faxing, water and endless coffee are all free, while storage space, reception services and package delivery are available as well. Business-building seminars, workshops and lunches can expand members’ expertise, while cocktail minglers and salon forums provide opportunities for networking and fun. Basic membership begins at USD 300 per year, with a-la-carte pricing on meeting and desk space. Upgrade options range from USD 125 to USD 375 per month.”

Women own some 10 million businesses in the US, according to the Center for Women’s Business Research, and you can bet not all of them have cushy offices with meeting rooms and reception. That’s certainly an idea to throw out to the female entrepreneurs in the rest of the country—and the rest of the world!

Best of all—when you support and focus on marketing and serving the woman consumer, you are ensuring a better space for men too!

What are you waiting for?

Best Nicole


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