The Internet is Wide Open


One of the best things about the internet is that it is an open forum for everything. Blogs such as this one have the opportunity to use the format as a means to speak about what most interests the writer while attracting readers who will keep coming back to hear what the writer has to say (presumably, because they like what the writer has to say or, at least, how they say it!). In our blog, we want to continue to discuss a variety of topics that focus on marketing to women, while also exploring how we feel about social causes and the things we believe in, interesting marketing and advertising campaigns, projects and companies with products and services that catch our eye and so on. (I’m sure there are many more things that we will cover and want to cover that I cannot begin to even think about as this post is written)

However, as you may have noticed, I love to share information. Each day I learn so many things that are of value to me and my business, that I feel compelled to share that information with our readers. They call that viral marketing I guess……I must say that I am a viral girl these days.

Today’s big find is a video series on The series is called, “Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind,” and the site itself includes a wealth of resources for “savvy business owners.” I think that the information they share is great for anyone who’s looking to learn more about the innovation and creativity that can be used to grow all businesses. American Express backs this site and it’s a perfect example of a very well run online community focused at business owners and the business community at large.

I am going to point you directly to one series in particular: Facebook and Wikipedia co-founders: what they’ve learned.” Seth Godin hosts a conversation with Facebook co-founder Sean Parker and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to find out what they know about social networking, branding and online marketing on’s “Inside the Entrepreneurial Mind” series.  Click here to watch this series.

The takeaway—your business doesn’t need to reach the entire world online, just those that want to buy your product.

I found this series to be superb and it provided me with a ton of information in my primary area of interest—social media. I urge you to check out the site and find what best interests you!

Click here to check the Home page.

Best Nicole


5 Responses to The Internet is Wide Open

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  2. Gregory Kohs says:

    So, we can see by your use of the word “co-founder” to describe Sean Parker, that you know what the word means and how to type it. Yet, you strangely use the word “founder” to describe Jimmy Wales. Why is that?

    • bcadgroup says:

      According to some sources (Jimmy Wales being one of them if you check his Open Forum & Wikipedia bios, as well as various articles) Jimmy is the founder of Wikipedia. In others, he’s co-founder with Larry Sanger (which JW contests). If you can clarify the issue, please feel free because this certainly seems like a point of contention. Thanks!

  3. bcadgroup says:

    Wow…thanks for the info! Definitely goes to show that there are always 2 sides to every story (or 3 or 4 or a few hundred more). And that’s why it seems—in the wonderful world of the web—that it’s harder than ever to know which side to believe!

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