Ready Set GO! Online Retailers Embrace Web 2.0 This Holiday Season.

If you’ve been following my posts, you may have begun to recognize a familiar pattern. One that involves me wading daily through all sorts of trend reports, ezines, e-mails and blogs from every industry you can imagine. In my world, meetings never begin before noon (that’s if I have anything to say about it) and my morning kicks off with a potent cup of joe and a mountain of mail overflowing in my inbox.

Today, as I began to drink away the usual morning fog that always welcomes me, I saw a distinct pattern in the many emails that I searched through. It is clear…retailers are embracing social media to find new ways of getting the word out about their sales, promotions, products and services as the holiday season revs up into full gear.

The first and most interesting read was about and it’s focus on advertising to women as we approach the holidays. Hoorah for the NFL!! I am a long-standing and proud Pittsburgh Steelers fan, so this was very exciting to hear. From an article in Mediaweek:

Instead of tapping into its predominantly male audience, the National Football League’s e-commerce arm will go after female shoppers, who make up the majority of the site’s business this time of year.

While the online shopping demographic usually skews 70 percent male and 30 percent female on, around Christmas the numbers flip, said Bob O’Keefe, who oversees NFL Direct, the sports organization’s database of 25 million fans. Last year, 60 percent of the site’s shoppers were women during the holidays, per the company.

There is an ad that will be running on many of the major TV networks featuring a woman giving her husband his favorite jersey as a gift. This will be the first time has run an ad during the holiday season.

There is already a fair bit of twittering, texting and e-mailing going on thanks to retailers and shoppers hyping sales and bargains. Social networking — be it through sites like Twitter or Facebook — is magnifying the seasonal gift-a-thon more than ever before.

From the MSNBC website:

At JCPenney’s Web site, for example, you can sign up for a wake-up call for the day after Thanksgiving, as well as get “helpful shopping tips” texted to your phone throughout the season. You may want to consider putting your phone on “vibrate” at work.

Sears is launching “Sears2go,” for cell phone users, who want to text in their orders, do product searches or find special offers., among others, is also happy to send you a text alert for its “daily deals,” if you’re not already getting bombarded with e-mails from the Internet giant, as well as other retailers. The company has also started a test version of Amazon Windowshop, a kind of 3-D experience where shoppers can sample movie trailers, music and audio book reviews.

It is clear that people want to be engaged! Building brand evangelism is now about companies taking advantage of all the social media tools they can to reach each and every individual customer one by one!

Happy Shopping.

Best Nicole


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