Charter For Compassion

With a background and passion for fashion and lifestyle trends, I read many blogs and ezines. Each week I receive a report from Splendora Style Forecast. Amongst the usual celebrity fashion sightings and alerts to some of fashion’s more fabulous things, Gina Pell, content chief and founder, writes and brings attention to some phenomenal issues that beautifully meld with the goings on in the world of lifestyle, fashion and culture.

This video is quite spectacular and speaks to respect and tolerance in regards to religion. But it goes beyond that—speaking to how there are many ways to respect and show compassion for others without changing who you are.

The lesson here is that Splendora brings to its tribe a kind of brand evangelism that goes beyond the latest shoes and apparel by sharing a substantive mindset that speaks to a person’s whole way life. Better yet, they are engaging their “stylesetters” with a social networking community where they can share their “what to lists”. This, in addition to classifieds, diaries, products and services links (as well as links to videos) all enhance the opportunity for a visitor to engage—and stay engaged—in a way that best suits who they are as a unique individual.

Click here and watch the Charter for Compassion video.

Bravo Splendora.

Best Nicole


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