Let Us all Eat, Drink, Dream and Live for Chocolate!

I attended the opening of a new restaurant chocolate lounge last night. The theme and star of the show was chocolate in as many forms as you can imagine: drinks, truffles, sandwiches of mango, strawberry and chocolate, truffles filled with caramel and salt accompanied by champagne, guava martini’s with a spicy kick, and cognac.

The varieties and combinations of this most magnificent confectionary were endless. The creativity, the gorgeous space dedicated to house and serve this most beloved food, was as perfect as each option and variety of chocolate available to sample and savour.

One of the greatest parallels for me is that marketing to the woman consumer these days is much like the many creative ways this new and unique restaurant chose to showcase the world’s most favourite dessert.

Honouring and respecting the people we want to share our products and services with by being creative, clearly understanding how unique each person is, coming up with endless ways to recognize and validate their individual styles, tastes, concerns, ideals and needs, definitely delights the consumer and keeps them coming back. 

Much like the dreamy chocolate extravaganza I experienced last evening. I already have plans to return for another unique and new wonderful experience.

Best Nicole


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