It’s a New Day!

With the historic American election now completed and the world’s celebration of that change now in place, it is a new day.

A new day for everyone to review how they are going to move forward and make the kind of changes that incorporate new technologies, new ways to communicate, bring new ideas to the forefront and act upon them, engage others to take the initiative to make change, share how we can all work together to make the change that will dictate how we can live better lives than we did before.

Will I am produced a video last week called “A New Day” to announce this profound proud historical moment. His first video “Yes We Can” was created using the words of one of Obama’s speeches. Put to music this video set the tone for the new change taking place, where a new generation could be educated, share their new knowledge, engage others to get involved in the political process and help the country to get out and vote.

We are eager to share with you and more importantly have you share with us how companies, products and services will begin to shape the ways that they can bring about “their new day”.

Click here to watch the New Day video

Best Nicole


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